“I worked for a furniture store at the time and little did I know that was the day my future husband was going to walk through those doors. If nobody knows the inner workings of places like these you should at least know that there is a system in place where sales staff wait their turns to greet the next customer. This is a rotation that continues through the day and on that day everything aligned. If I had been a second later clocking in, if the drive to work had taken longer than expected, if I had slept in that extra 10 minutes , the day would have looked very different. But on that day at that exact time and not a moment too late or too soon I was the next in line waiting to help someone, who no doubt probably didn’t want help, when HE walked in. He had a simple need, a small dresser for his bedroom, and what did I do to help? I sold him 2. To this day he swears I could have sold him the whole store just so long as I wouldn’t stop walking him through the store and talking with him. He still also says I ripped him off and swindled him out of his hard earned money. He was cute and funny and I still have receipts to prove I practically gave them to him. This is still an ongoing debate and the details are different depending which of us you ask. After he made his purchase, that was it, he left. A missed opportunity to be sure. It wasn’t until weeks later he showed up in the store again, this time to make a payment on his bill. We bumped into each other again, exchanged pleasantries, took way more time than was needed to make a payment and then he was gone again. Now this is about the point in the story where he admits he figured out which car was mine in the lot when he drove by and made sure always to call ahead to be sure I was there so he could pay his bill, even though this was never my job. He quit paying online and always made his payment in person. But time and time again for months that was all that ever happened. Now this is the point in the story where I admit that I was sitting alone browsing the internet when a message popped up on my screen through messenger. “I’m pretty sure you sold me my furniture, do you remember me?” I’ll admit that I was excited and we exchanged messages back and forth like needy school girls. I was only hanging on maybe every other word and most certainly NOT sitting on my couch hugging a pillow staring at the screen for the messenger bubble to wiggle with a new incoming message. Eventually we got around to our first date, Watching teenagers kill each other in the hunger games and coffee after at the waffle house. But something happened there, Neither of us wanted to leave. So we drank our coffee’s and talked into the early morning. Then that moment lead into the next and the next one after that and more and more of our time was spent together rather than apart. I knew it was serious when I was watching him in my kitchen cooking me dinner and I was trying hard not to stare and spook him away (that’s a mystical creature there ladies) and then again when I cleaned up and he let slip an I love you, and finally when he asked me to move from North Carolina to California with him because he just couldn’t leave me behind. More than one person thought I was crazy when I said yes and his family reached out to make sure this wasn’t a kidnapping scenario in which I needed help out of. I tell everyone, ” he low key stalked me and kidnapped me and my heart” and he tells everyone,” yes, yes I did. And I’ll never be sorry about it”. -Whittany Stevens

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