This year was a big one for me, I started incorporating destination Dream Shoots, Vow Renewal & Elopements around the world! There is always a reason to visit Tuscany, the architecture, wine, arts, and old beauty everywhere. This photo shoot was nothing less than exceptional. My focus was fine art, film inspired editorial so to capture the true beauty of Florence. I styled this shoot to enhance all the beautiful neutral tones of the architecture of Tuscany. One of the best parts of my job is to make my clients (I call everyone my models) have an experience that allows them to feel more comfortable in their skin and allow them to come out of their shell. Time is just too short to dwell on “what if’s”.  I’m always told “I’ll do photos when I lose weight” or “I just can’t afford them right now” and the truth is photography is a luxury item that some people value, and others do not. It makes me sad when people don’t make it a priority. The truth is sometimes photos are all we leave to our loved ones!

I have found a new love for flowers recently! In my earlier years, I didn’t care much about flowers, now I want to grow my own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. I make every excuse when traveling to make a bouquet and enjoy it the rest of the trip, makes me feel pretty! 

Thousands of steps for the most glorious view of Firenze but it was well worth the long hike!

20 years ago I spent one day in Firenze and I fell in love with it’s charm & leather, I mean, how can anyone not love Italy! Despite the chilly day, there were multitudes of people standing in line on a winter day admiring the cathedrals.

As we continued on our journey to the top, we had several “squirrel” moments. We had 5 woman in our group so needless to say, when a young man is waving a silky scarf in front of one, we ALL have to stop and get one.

How do YOU dream of being photographed? We also travel worldwide!

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Photography | Schiavetto Photography Instagram @schiavetto_photography @schiavetto_wedding

Model | Martyna Ventura Instagram @martyna.ventura

Bouquet & Ribbon | Cynthia Schiavetto Staliunas

Vellum name tags | FoxLove Papery Instagram @FoxLovePapery

Venue | Le Pavoniere Insatgram @lepovonier

Furniture | Stilelegno Instagram @stilelegno

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