My beautiful grandmother turned 95 and so this year we decided to embark on an adventure and create some memories.  Her 5 daughters and myself packed our Macarons for the plane ride and journeyed to Maui. If you know my family, it was quit an adventure to say the least. With 3 wheel chairs, half a dozen luggage’s, our loud Italian sisterhood embarked on a wild plane ride! Even the flight attendants joined in on the fun!

Upon arriving at the resort, Schooner Resort greeted us and to my grandmother’s surprise, she got laid! Wait a min, laid with precious coconut beads from the island that is. She loved the necklace so much she wore it the entire trip. Once we entered our lovely room, there she found her welcoming macadamia chocolates in which she stated, “these are mine and I’m not sharing” lol yup, that’s my grandmother. She loves to “hide” her chocolates under her bed or in a special drawer for those late night snacks! Goes to show, 95 and eating sweets late at night…sure, I’ll take that!

On May 9th, the birthday bash was on! Per special request, we attended a luau in style! As my grandmother was announced by the DJ, she stood up and greeted the audience with a “queen like” waving motion while everyone cheered as she was the oldest person attending.

Traveling is a members group of its own. When people travel, they network and make new friendships and bond with like-minded individuals and share memories & experiences. During this trip I bonded with Anuhea. She is a Hawaiian native and welcomed me and my family instantly. If other cultures were half as friendly as the Hawaiians are, our world would certainly be a much better place to raise our children in. Let’s respect the Hawaiian culture and maintain what is left of their roots. It’s so sad to see people take over just because they can afford to take from the natives.

Seven days just seems to go by so fast and there’s always so much more left to do. On our last day, I finally was able to gather everyone for a special photo shoot. I can’t recall how long it had been with all the ladies together for a special occasion so of course when in Maui, it’s photo shoot time! My grandma was having a blast posing but I have to limit my images to post, there is NO age limit for photos and fun! Make memories and just be kind to one another there’s nothing more gratifying than living in peace and harmony! Cheers to many more!

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