I know this has nothing to do with “wedding photographer” or “engagements” or even “love” but in a way it does…this project was a labor of love for me and just like love, you have to nurture it, feed it, care for it…and it will grow! SO here’s my lovely indoor garden! It all started back in February as we had just relocated from Southern California, San Diego to be exact, to Maryland. There were countless hours of Pinterest scrolling during our stay at Jonica’s Air BNB (Click here for photos). One look at our new home and I was sold on it’s huge windows, vaulted ceilings, and amazing natural light. It was perfect, I would even get to have my studio! Anyway, back to the garden *squirrel* I do not consider myself to have a green thumb AT ALL! I watched a few UTubes on how to grow or separate plants and replant them and I squeal every time I see a little sprout grow. I found  a local warehouse through 1000 Pallets and they generously donated their pallets. At the time, I had a trailer so I stuffed it with as many pallets I could. I even found two spools I will be using as tables/bar for our backyard! I had NO idea how I would be making this wall of pallets but little by little I started purchasing tools and have to confess I have become quite the carpenter. I do have carpentry in my blood but never thought I would REALLY enjoy it! Honestly, I didn’t use any tutorials, nothing to guide me on how to make my garden and there are a few things that might be added in the future however, it’s perfect for the time being. The first few images were taken on my phone so forgive the quality!

This is how I did it…

Made by Cynthia Schiavetto Staliunas – Schiavetto Photography

First I nailed three pieces of wood on the studd and then cut and sanded the pallets.

I then cut my shelves to make boxes and used Wood Glue and nailed to secure.

For the time being, I lined the boxes with 4 mil plastic sheeting purchased at Home Depot and taped it along the side, creating a box. I looked everywhere for a plastic container but was un-successful so I thought I would try it like this. The con is that the water doesn’t drain out which could cause Root Rot if over watered. SO I don’t over water. The pro is that I can change my garden around for different seasons should I want to plant something else. If it dies, well, I can replant!

YES, I even made a bench…

The wall is still not COMPLETELY done, but I just couldn’t wait to post it! Once the garden is in full blossom, the completed photo will be below! There is just something about having fresh herbs in the kitchen as you cook…everything tastes better! Of course it will also be used for several photo shoots as well! Thank you for reading and hope you’ve learned! If you’ve enjoyed my tutorial, please leave me a comment and share the love with your friends & family.

Happy Gardening!!!

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