Photoshoot During Covid-19

Life has certainly taken an unexpected turn this year! It started off so amazing and then *hit hit the fan! I do however believe that things happen for a reason and we should all embrace within our situation.

This week I finally made it to the grocery store, after a month of NOT leaving the house for anything, I noticed beautiful Wisteria flowers on the side of a busy road next to my home. I had no clients, my roomies are not as photo inclined as I would like. But It was obvious I had to do a shoot there but how? I did what any photographer would do, take action! Roadside self portrait shoot it was!!!

Creative Process

I knew I wanted something more creative because I have been in a creative slump. I want to blame it on the Quarantine but the creativity hasn’t been there for a while. When life is too busy, my creative juices just don’t seem to flow. Anyway, so I decided to take action and put myself out there…busy road and all. Hmmm what was I going to wear, what was the “feel” of this image suppose to be?

I started with the white wig, because who doesn’t love a white wig? My hair was dirty and I had no patience to style it today. I was not in the mood to get all doll up and take half the day just to look photo-friendly. Then came the mask…my dear friend Jade sent me a mask from when she travelled to New Orleans and I loved it so much, I guilt her into send it! lol There’s only so many pictures you can take with the mask so I felt this was the perfect time to show it off.

After seeing the feather hair pin created by Chrystal Hayes in San Diego, how can I not implement it in a whimsical image? The dress was my creation from Salvation Army. Tablecloths and drapes and then tea stained!

Boy was the space tighter than I imagined from the car! not only was my hiney getting pinched with rose thorns over and over again, but there was also a ditch a had to be careful!

There I was with my handy dandy Ad200, MagMod , and my Nikon camera ready to make a fool of myself! Little did I know what was about to happen.

Roadside fun

I can’t even count how many cars honked, as this was a very busy road. I really thought it was because “there goes a crazy lady taking photos on the side of the road” or “get out of the road, it’s too dangerous” perhaps “get back in your house, you’re not supposed to be OUT”. Instead, not only did walkers/joggers ask to take photos of me (don’t worry, over 6ft of social distance) I also had three cars stop and ask to take a photo. ( I wished I had their social media to see them post it)

One lady even stopped and thanked me for such a great, positive vibe she witnessed during such hard times and how I looked gorgeous and it made her day. Her comment was so uplifting and truly made me aware that despite this horrific life event, we can still find beauty and happiness and surely can make the best of it!

No Regrets

I don’t regret standing on the side of the road making myself look silly! Not only did I spread some smiles, I also brought some laughter and positivity back into the world!

Final Image


It took me nearly 10 hours to retouch/edit this image and I played with several looks but this final image is what spoke to me.

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