wedding invitation set with polka dot and neutral color

Have you checked out Basic Invites? OMG, you guys, I came across this wedding cards website company that provides so many amazing sets for invitations for all occasions.

You can customize color, esthetic, fonts, gold foils, wood…so many options to match your wedding vision. Not to mention they even a free wedding rsvp website completely customizable! You can easily upload information about your wedding, details with images, and directions for your guests. Can you say I’m obsessed…I can spend hours on this site!

There are over 180 wedding card color options to choose from with 40 different options for envelopes not to mention you can preview them instantly every time you make a change. Every element of the card can be changed based on your preference. My favorite wedding cards are clear and then I mismatched it with some olive branches with the color “guacamole”… its divine, can’t wait to show you all! I think I’ll have to order some for my wedding! Luckily I’ll have a sample to view the quality and how it will print when that time comes! If you want a more Rustic wedding card, check out these wooden invites…love it!

They have a new feature that allows you to collect your guest’s addresses by uploading the addresses and it’s then printed on the actual invite so no envelope is needed. All you have to do is fold it, place the stamp, and seal it with a customized sticker, super-duper easy peasy!

The best part, you can customize a website to match your invite collections so your entire wedding is cohesive and reflects your personality! Even better, the site is completely free…without the hassle of having to know what a domain or a host is, how cool is that?

The website can upload your engagement pictures from your favorite photographer “cough cough perhaps me, check out one of last years wedding gallery here and through this website” lol This free website is laid out so that it has an intro about the bride and groom. This is awesome for the opposite side of the family to get to know the other side of the family instantly and how they first met. Basically whatever you want to inform your guests about. It provides the date, time, and place of the wedding such as an invite. It follows with the travel logistics, location of the event, and any hotel accommodations needed as well as a google map for those that need a visual.

What I loved most is that you will have every guests address for the future and be able to send out thank you cards with accurate information. RSVP can be done online as well and add a sweet note to your loved ones tying the knot. A bridal registry is implemented and it’s such a great way to get your couple a gift they want and will use time and time again with the accessibility at your fingertips.

Last but not least, you can visit their social media and stay tuned with all their daily activities that allow you to be a part of their lives from a distance. Such a great tool to have and thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the Basic Invites site. Can’t wait to share this with all my Brides & Grooms.

Check them out and let us know what you think of their platform.

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